Dates for the 3 Editions of the year:


> February to April - Open Call until November 29th

(Exhibition 23.04.2021 to 07.05.2020)


> May to July - Open Call until Janeiro 30th

(Exhibition 23.07.2021 to 05.08.2021)


> September to November - Open Call until May 28th

(Exhibition 12.11.2021 to 26.11.2021)


The curator will work alongside the permanent and resident artists at Duplex.


What is included:

- Work space - available from 7am to 10pm

- Productive and dynamic atmosphere - in addition to resident artists, Duplex permanently houses the studios of 13 artists
- Access to facilities at Duplex (kitchenette, social terrace, wc's)
- Tutorial follow up 
- Opportunities and space to develop public programming 
- Basic production and installation support
- 2weeks exhibition at Duplex
- Print materials related to the exhibition and PR support
- Exhibition opening

- Interview publication on Duplex's site and instagram


What is expected of the curator:

- To organize and produce a collective exhibition
- To be envolve in all activities at Duplex
- To meet and engage with the artists at Duplex
- To be an envolved member of Duplex’s daily life Organização e produção de uma exposição colectiva



1200€ - Total 



400€ up to two weeks upon acceptance - non refundable 
400€ a month prior to arrival 
400€ on the first day



- 2 Weeks
- Must be a collective exhibition (3 or more artists)
- The majority of the artists participating should live and work in Portugal



- Portfolio (up to 10images of previous projects with brief descriptions)
- Exhibition proposal outlining concept and logistics

Send in n a single PDF to

* Extra consideration will be given to those:
- With a history of working with independent art spaces
- In the beginning stage of a curatorial career 

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