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September 16th to October 07th, 2022

Exhibition view. Photography: Samuel Duarte.


Tânia Geiroto Marcelino


Rita Anuar

the pencil nib broke

if fingernails and thumb nails press it against the sheet

I would like to continue the ant handwriting forming before my hand

this is a strange writing for us people

flowers, objects and other animals write without desire

sometimes at night i write to guess myself

risk is a way of thinking but handling risk is feeling

the pauses between the risks are the expression of the distance between the thought and the feeling

it is not a predicted distance in some cases it is of the order of sensitive intuition

in other cases

it's magic

I create images at night, first they are imprinted in sleep and then become a dream

I sleep on paper texture

and when in the weak light of the lamp I resist writing during the day, the drawing is something else

if I choose to paint the entire page, this is a gesture of simultaneous concealment and freedom.

what lies beneath the layers of graphite and pastel is like poetry

the writing of what is not seen and lived at all times is sensed

I think that's why trees and wind are so present in art.

there is a level of unpredictability in nature, which because it is so close to us,

many times it seems that we guess

something similar happens to me and the stain, the erasure, the line and the objects

we lived together, at first, without knowing anything about each other

and like someone who is fascinated day and night by the plants in search of a trace of

changing the vine that I created and that today runs through my fingertips with my arms in the air

I care to write the growth

a ray landing on the pencil

a word lying

in the bones

there is a sense that grows in us

until hand and heart are empty


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