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June 17th to July 8th, 2022

Exhibition View.


Bárbara Bulhão


Fábio Colaço (Father Artist)

Mother Artist. A Mother Artist is perhaps the reason that leads Bárbara to this exhibition.

It's strange to write about someone we're intimately connected with. You don't write stuff like this every day, but I'll try.

It is important to say that, as you will see, all the works presented are based on a moment in Bárbara's life (our moment). This is an example of how women have an ungrateful role in everything, or rather in most things and moments of life in society.

In one of the works “Untitled (unfinished self-portrait – October 2021 to June 2021)” (2021-2022) the nine months of pregnancy are displayed in the form of calendars. Moments, moods, uncertainties and certainties were recorded in them. There are notes such as “Do I really want to be an artist?”, “I just want to cry”, “Fábio is happy”, successively and crudely, like a conventional portrait in oil, of her and us, of the four of us.

In an attempt to balance the various emotional and physical states, the work “Cry, Get Up, Breakfast” (2022) appears. The document corresponding to a MAP of Barbara's blood pressure, an irregular design, with inconstant ups and downs, which are balanced in a level bubble resting on the frame. Perhaps here we move from the macro to the micro, from imperfection to the sublime, or at least the attempt to.

This exhibition also reflects a waiting compass. And without losing sight of the passage of time as the unifying element of most of Bárbara’s works, in “Untitled (support)” (2022), the feet of one of the chairs in our house, where she sat for most of the nine months ( waiting) are presented on a plinth, gilded with fine gold. They underline the absence of the object, without losing the weight that makes it exist.

I could write more, but that's not necessary, I'm not a writer, I'm a Father Artist. Well, and since this is an unavoidable milestone in our lives, may these words and attitudes take on the necessary form to make us the best parents ever. Because you Mother Artist, are and will be the best mother in the world.


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