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April 28th to May 26th, 2023

Exhibition view.


Alves Ludovico, Anastasia Carpio, Autarkic + Natalie Feldsman, Csilla Basrtus, Eleonora Gugliotta, Laura Hernández Pérez, Noam Friedman, Ricardo Barbeito, Siavash Namehshiri


Paolo Lolicata

OBRIGADISSIMO is a starting point of a research project about Liberation, supported by the program Culture Moves Europe.

Celebrating the 25th of April as a Liberation Day for both Italy and Portugal, the project aims to explore Liberation as a personal, intimate and emotional process able to shape society. It takes symbolically the shape of an artistic exercise, rather than militar action for 'defesa civil!

What is the role of art in our fragile democratic society?

Obrigadissimissimo to the artists taking part in this journey.

Obrigadissimissimo to every one that contributed to a free society.

Obrigadissimissimo to those that in every country put their fragile life in danger for a communal wellbeing


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