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Located at Rua Angelina Vidal, in Graça (Lisbon), the Duplex | Artists in Residence occupies a space of about 1000m2, which houses a Gallery, long term artists' studios, as well as studios for artists in residence who attend programs launched throughout the year.

At the entrance of Duplex is the Gallery / Project Room, with about 30m2.

On the -1 floor there are 10 studios with dimensions between 15m2 and 22m2, open to a common area shared by the artists. There is also a kitchenette equipped for internal use, we's and the Duplex | Artists in Residence's Office, as well as a 50m2 terrace.


The -2 floor consists of an exhibition area that includes projection room, niches that were kept in their original state and studios for residences, workshops and other events, with access to a second outdoor area. This space will be remodeled in 2021, allowing the extension of the residency program, creating infrastructures to support daily life, as well as storage and a small workshop.

The space that has been welcoming us since October 2019 has been closed for over a decade. In a privileged area of central Lisbon, what today is Duplex | Artists in Residence has long been a store / factory for furniture and kitchens.

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