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Duplex | Artists in Residence was born from the desire to create a space dedicated to contemporary artistic practice and research, offering an alternative to the isolation that often characterizes them.

Seeking to value creative processes, experimentation and plastic production as well as the discourse that these dynamics originate, Duplex | Artists in Residence presents itself as a privileged territory for the coexistence of different artists, different ways of creating and different ways of thinking about contemporary art and the world in which it is inserted.

Valuing advances and setbacks, accepting the error, failure, and disruption as natural events in contemporary praxis, in addition to celebrating the final results, Duplex | Artists in Residence seeks to bring the public closer to the conceptual and procedural richness of contemporary artistic creation.

In this sense, Duplex | Artists in Residence will promote an extended public program that will involve not only artists who work permanently in their space, but also artists who associate with us through artistic residencies, exhibitions, conversations or for the simple pleasure of participating and helping to build the Duplex project, in tune with a socially and culturally involved posture.

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