January to March | Bairro das Colónias, Lisbon

Artistic posters in exhibitors and shop windows of cafes, shops and galleries lurk in Lisbon's Colónias neighborhood to passers-by.


In times of mandatory confinement, PRATA DA CASA captures the attention of people passing by, showing, through the glass, the images conceived by a collective of artists.


The idea of ​​community is in the background: this exhibition and editorial project willingly opened archives and family albums, memories that are connected with those of Lisbon and produced an intertwined portrait of the people and Anjos/Arroios territory.


Under the artistic direction of José Luís Neto, PRATA DA CASA features Claudia Fischer, Daniel Malhão, Isabel Aboim Inglez, Luciana Fina, Pedro Loureiro, Rui Viana Pereira and XYZ Books / A Ilha.

Associação Número, in partnership with Duplex, and other cultural spaces in the neighborhood.


Captura de ecrã 2019-09-07, às 13.36.47.
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