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Exhibition | I'M NOBODY

February 29th to March 21st, 2024

Exhibition view. Photography: Bruno Lopes


Anna Pogossova, Ayala Braidman, Francisca Ribeiro, Liza Shkirando, Salmah Al Mansoori, Susana Rocha


Lemos + Lehmann

It was late 1861 when Emily Dickinson wrote in one ofher pages that she was Nobody. A Nobody with a capital that opened the doors to an ambiguous and revolutionary space. A non-body that looked us in the eye and whispered: Who are you?

These words continue to challenge us today questioning our identity and the nature of our own importance. Alandscape of blurred contours that invites us to reflect on our beliefs in a period of profound transformations.

Through a communal journey, the artists in the exhibition go through and beyond the theoretical framework; caressing the limits of matter and dissolution, exploringthe tension between absence and desire, delving into the violence of the flesh as well as its liberation, detachment and renewal. A labyrinthine course, disembodied and spectral, which on the way inwards sustains a question with no answer.

The present exhibition originates from the BONFIRE online residency that took place in spring 2023 under the same theme, and materialises as the first collaboration between BONFIRE and DUPLEX.


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