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Exhibition | A LOSS OF PURPOSE

April 23th to May 14th 2021

Exhibition view.. Photography: Bruno Lopes


Susana Rocha


Eugenia Griffero

By herself.

Dark hair.

A chair that welcomes the body of a young woman.

Her legs touch.

She wears a slit skirt to the knee.

Her hands rest in her lap.

Her skin, white, opaline.

Intimate... the uncontained private world.

There, in the atmosphere of a house full of pure poetics, melancholy (me), I feel the artist.

She consents.

I peer immutably, watching as she admires what looks at her.

Susana Rocha, maintains her identity without the imposition of existing by the affection of the gaze of others.

She grows as an artistic subject dictating everyday objects with beauty and mystery, elevating them to objects of desideratum.

The artist exhibits a subtle and acute self-portrait, but above all, disturbing. Shapes that learn to be pieces shaped by corsets of cold and pointed elements, and metamorphose into new shapes.

The judgment of the rigor of the work - in the signs left by the strangulation of the rubber, which cries out the cry of the flesh ("Spinal" #1 and #2) and the metamorphosis of what transforms or mutates to survive, and which, due to lack, remains in oblivion (“Love letters”, “We use to”).

A LOSS OF PURPOSE is a contaminating sigh of an unknown pleasure, for those who are willing to admire, and allow the audacity to review themselves in this narrative.


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